Howie Punsky

My crossfit career started because I wanted to shut up my wife! My wife dragged me into the crossfit box kicking and screaming! I was also trying to figure out why my wife was always coming home showing me her crossfit badges of honor. Finally, I was worried about the location of the building she was working out in and I figure she needed an escort. I finally agreed to go check out crossfit. The first time Mat met me he thought I was never going to make it through crossfit. I never thought I would be able to continue doing crossfit after I finished my elements class. I always pictured crossfit for the Chris Spealler types not a middle aged man who was out of shape. Mat is the reason I have kept coming back. I have started to transform into a crossfit athlete because of him. He has always encouraged me regardless of my skill level. It has transformed me from a couch potato to a Crossfit athlete. The longer I am doing crossfit the more confidence I gain in my skills.

I continue with crossfit because of the community at Crossfit Ad Finem. The people are so supportive and are truly vested in my success! I feel so accomplished even when I fail or I am last because at least I had the courage to do the workout. The community is so supportive and will encourage you through a workout regardless of your skill level! Finally, because crossfit keeps me moving!

Since starting crossfit in 2012 I have accomplished the following:

  • I have lost 60 lbs.
  • I can now do box jumps. In the beginning I would just step up onto plates.
  • When I first met Mat I told him I will NOT RUN. I couldn’t run 400 meters. Now I am running during our workouts.
  • I got my first double unders during this years crossfit open.
  • I got my first toes to bar during this years crossfit open.
  • I feel like I am a huge success because of all my effort and the coaches and community at Crossfit Ad Finem.

~ Howard