Jenni Royal

In July 2013 I was talking to Brittany yet again about crossfit. I was explaining how I couldn’t afford a personal trainer anymore. I was upset I wasn’t really getting any benefits of a personal trainer. She told me about Mat and how he just opened a new box. I said, “I don’t know. I am not sure I could do crossfit or afford it.” Brittany, was like… “Okay… so how much does your personal trainer cost?” She explained Mat’s rates are “x” amount per month and you are paying “y” per month for a trainer. The numbers don’t lie crossfit is cheaper. Okay I had to admit she shattered my first argument. Then she said okay what’s your next argument. I was like, “I don’t jump and I can’t lift weights!” Brittany said that wasn’t a problem talk to Mat as ALL crossfit WODs are modifiable. Well she managed to talk me into reaching out to Mat! I sent an email off to Mat asking to schedule an appointment to see his gym.

This was the best decision I ever made. I talked Shawn into coming to my appointment with me so I wouldn’t be alone. Shawn and I met with Mat. I explained my fears and what I was looking for in a workout routine. He said no problem! He wouldn’t make me jump and lift any weights that I wasn’t ready to lift. He reassured me that I wouldn’t bulk up and that he can work with me. Mat was extremely straightforward. He reassured me that he will not hurt me. We talked about the benefits of crossfit. He said the worst thing that would happen is we would have one hell of a workout! He stated most people who start crossfit end up becoming addicted to crossfit! Before we left that meeting BOTH Shawn and I signed up for the elements class.

OMG! My first elements class was a disaster! Trying to figure out the olympic lifts was baffling. I remember telling Mat, I will NEVER get this! I am so horrible at the lifting. He would just take it slow and reassured me I would get this. Then I started with my classes and the first month or so I felt so lost. I just wanted to cry because I was ALWAYS last! I was always modifying my WODs just so I could complete them. I am not sure when it happened but I started to get it! I fell in love with crossfit. I drank the koolaide. I found the WODs to be fun. I love lifting and I am actually pretty good at the movements! I found strength I never knew I had. However, crossfit is more than just working out, it’s about community! The people are amazing as they are so accepting and encouraging!

In January I did my first Paleo Challenge! I never thought I could do strict paleo. I didn’t think I would make it through the 30 days! I more than made it, I completely transformed my life! I lost weight and lost a lot of inches! I look great and I feel wonderful. My aches and pains have disappeared. My insulin levels are extremely stable and my strength increased!

Jenni Royal

Crossfit has given a lot back to me. I am not afraid to try new moves. I know if I work hard I will eventually get the move. It is okay if you have to scale a move, it’s about what you can do not about what others can do. I am never bored with crossfit because there are new challenges to tackle.

I think biggest gains can’t be measured. First is the confidence I have gained. Second is the friendships I have developed! Crossfit is more than just a workout! Finally, I found a home at Crossfit Ad Finem! Awesome coaches and members!

What I have I accomplished in less than 1 year?

  1. Mat has made me eat my NEVERS!
  2. My accomplishments:
    • I can do box jumps. They are not pretty but I can get on that box.
    • I love heavy lifting. I am actually really good at the lifting. I am on the leader board for back squats and strict press!
    • I am doing more and more RXs workouts and weights!
    • I have a great KB swing!
    • I have increased my upper body strength.

~ Jenni