Morning Everyone!

I won’t say good morning because, well, if you say the Open announcement last night then you’re probably dreading this afternoon (well at least I know I am).  One positive is many of you have done this before, if not 2 years ago as programmed in 2014 (“14.5”) then on Friday Feb 19th this year.  I unfortunately don’t have a picture of everyones scores on that Friday (rushed out that night due to Lauren going into labor), but hopefully you all are recording your WOD’s somewhere to look back at your scores…

Game Plan

“16.5” is “14.5” also known as the “I Quit” WOD…since you either finish or call “I Quit”!

For Time complete the reps for both movements ~ 21-18-15-12-9-6-3

Thrusters @95/65 (Scale: 65/45)

Bar Facing Burpees

Well there’s nothing special or no real sophisticated way to approach this grinder, just keep moving.  For majority of us we need to be thinking of how we want to break up our Thruster reps to sustain quality and controlled breathing.  If you lose control of your breathing early in this WOD it can turn into a 30+min WOD very easily.  Here are a few options for breaking up the reps:

  • 21: 11/10 -or- 7/7/7 -or- 6/5/5/5
  • 18: 9/9 -or- 6/6/6
  • 15: 8/7 -or- 5/5/5
  • 12: 6/6 -or- 4/4/4
  • 9: UB -or- 5/4 -or- 3/3/3
  • 6: UB -or- 3/3
  • 3: UB

This isn’t necessarily the only way to break it up but you definitely don’t want to get stuck in single and double reps in the big sets and MAKE SURE YOU ARE HITTING FULL DEPTH AND FULL EXTENSION! Just like last week the reps are high enough, don’t do any extra reps because of a ‘No Rep’. Resting between your sets on the Thrusters should be minimal if you can, by no means should you be resting upwards of :30 between sets even the big rounds… If this is the case you should be at lower weight.

With the Bar Facing Burpees, just keep moving.  Honestly for many of us we need to use this time to refocus our breathing so don’t think speed as much as not stopping and staying in control.  If you’re registered for the Open you HAVE TO DO A TWO FOOT JUMP OVER THE BAR. You cannot step over or do a single foot take off (think like a box jump, two feet start together and two feet finish together).  If you’re not registered for the Open then you can do one step or one foot take offs if you want, though we are here to challenge ourselves so keep that in mind. Also, if you watched the announcement WOD you may have saw a few things on the burpees:

  1. Mat Fraser was turning in the air when jumping over the bar to get a better set up for the next burpee.  Why? Saves a little time, maybe :01 or so which adds up in the end.
  2. Rich Froning Jr. was coming out of the bottom of the burpee and putting 1 foot forward as a step towards the bar so he didn’t have to either broad jump over the bar or stand up then step before jumping over the bar.  Why? Same as #1, it saves :01-:02 which will save time in the end.


Make sure to get here with plenty of time to warm up.  Don’t think, “Ahhh the set of 21 will get me warm.” If you think that then expect for some shitty moving through the WOD and all weekend.

Row or Assault Bike ~ 5:00 and keep sweats on

3 sets w/ an empty bar of 

  • 5 x Deadlifts
  • 5 x Cleans
  • 5 x Front Squats
  • 5 x Push Press (no Jerk)


  • Front Rack & Thoracic Spine (Mid/Upper Back)
    • Lax Ball between shoulder blades (Single or Double) 1:1
    • Band or Bar Front Rack Stretch 1:1
  • Hips
    • Hip Opener Routine 2 x’s each side
    • Foam Roll Hip Opener Stretch or Couch Stretch
    • Deadbug on Wall
  • Lower Leg
    • Lax Ball Arch & Achilles 1:1
    • Double Lax Ball or Mobility Stick on outer shin (not the bone, the muscle)

WOD Prep

Work on exploding with the hips on the Thrusters so you can save your shoulders as much as possible. Some people may choose to wear OLY shoes to help stay upright easier on the Thrusters, just make sure you are comfortable doing burpees in them in regards to your calf and arches.

3-5 Thrusters @Empty Bar

3 x Bar Facing Burpees

1/1 Spiderman Stretch w/ Twist :05/:05

2/2 Child’s Pose to Moose Antler :03/:03

Rest 1:00

3 x Thrusters @75/55

3 x Bar Facing Burpees

1/1 Spiderman Stretch w/ Twist :05/:05

2/2 Child’s Pose to Moose Antler :03/:03

Rest 1:00

3 x Thrusters @95/65 or scale

3 x Bar Facing Burpees

1/1 Spiderman Stretch w/ Twist :05/:05

2/2 Child’s Pose to Moose Antler :03/:03

*If there is 5-10:00 prior to the start get on the rower or bike for some short sprints, nothing too hard just to keep the heart rate up. 


Breath, pace, stick to the game plan, and try in some way to have fun!