February Spotlight Athlete: Scott Connatser

Two years ago this past December was when I first met Scott.  He had come in for his first Elements class as a referral from co-worker and current CFAF stud Tucker Davis.  When I asked him what brought him in he said something along the lines of, “I want to lose weight and have more energy and Tucker says this is the place.” On our 2nd day we did a workout at the end of the elements class that looked like this:

  • 3RFT (10:00 Cap)
    • Row 250
    • 10 x Push Ups
    • 10 x Wall Balls

The other gentlemen in class finished in 4:00+/- and Scott, well he had a bit of a rough time unable to finish under the cap.  He shrugged it off and understood it happens and would continue to come in and complete the beginner’s course.  Fast forward to current time and Scott has blossomed into quite an athlete while training here at CFAF, and especially while working with Coach Paul Mulhern.  In the last year Scotts #’s have improved dramatically:

  • Back Squat = 315 (01/16) ~ 355 (current) = 40# improvement
  • Front Squat = 245 (01/16) ~ 305 (current) = 60# improvement
  • Snatch = 175 (01/16) ~ 205 (current) = 30# improvement
  • Clean = 255 (01/16) ~ 285 (current CFAF heaviest clean) = 30# improvement
  • Grace (30 C&J FT @135#) = 5:36 ~ Heavy Grace (30 C&J FT @155) 3:56

Those are just a few numbers to show his gainz in the last year.  On top of his progress in the gym, Scott is a great guy with a one of a kind sense of humor.  He has an adorable German Shepard named Jax and can usually be found post WOD “relaxing” on the bench behind the rig in “Scott’s Spot.” Lastly, if you’re ever in need of a good joke ask Scott, he’s got some classics….

Get to know Scott!

-How long have you been doing CrossFit for? – 2 years

-What’s your favorite move and/or WOD? – “Grace” & Clean & Jerks

-What’s your least favorite move and/or WOD? – Lunges

-What’s one piece of advice you would give someone nervous about doing CrossFit? – The community is friendly and welcoming.  No one is judging what you’re doing or lifting, everyone is more about your effort. 

-Favorite Movie? – Big Hero 6

-Favorite “cheat food”? – Pizza

-If you could be one superhero who would it be and why? – Spiderman, most relatable

-What’s your #1 goal here at CFAF?  – BEAT TUCKER!!