“Just the Tip” 

     In our first member tip I want to discuss something we have been training over the last few months – pacing & efficiency.  Though we have ALWAYS preached the importance of efficient movement it plays an even bigger role when trying to improve fitness as well as WOD scores.  When I first started with CrossFit I believed “intensity” just meant going as fast and as hard as you can.  As I have matured within CrossFit as a coach and athlete (not as a human, still a 15 year internally) I have realized that just trying to move faster doesn’t usually result in a better WOD score.  In fact, when I am more methodical and efficient with my movements and focus on breathing and pacing then I see my scores actually have improved dramatically. 

     The big question then is how do we improve our times without moving faster? Well, like I stated we need to be more efficient with the movements.  Efficiency can come from a few different approaches:

  1. Lowering the weight and focus 100% on technique. This goes for strength focused workouts as well as in the WOD.  Don’t get hung up on “Rx” or “Scaled”, ultimately that means nothing if we injury ourselves due to poor movements.
  2. Train & practice the movements.  For example, today’s WOD is “Diane” which is 21-15-9 of Deadlifts & HSPU.  Majority of the time people go out on the set of 21 Deadlifts fast because they are confident in the move and the weight. Then after the HSPU or scale, the set of 15 Deadlifts often is broken up into 2-3 sets and things start slowing dramatically.  Instead of this approach, during the “pre-WOD” set up do say 5 unbroken deadlifts and watch the clock to see how long it takes you.  Based off that time (if it’s a manageable speed) you should be able to determine how long each set of Deadlifts should take you.  If you do a Deadlift in 2 seconds vs. 1 second in the opening set that will save you energy in the next few rounds allowing for less rest ultimately resulting in a better WOD score.
  3. Set up a 30 – Minute Personal Training session with one of the coaches to go over movements efficiency on moves you feel you struggle with.  We have tons of drills and exercises to help with improvement your movements.

In closing, take a few minutes before the clock starts to game plan and review the game plan before 3-2-1-GO!  I know that we all want to get our sweat on and feel our lungs on fire after every workout, but that’s just not practical or smart training. Also, I know we all like PR’s and WOD improvements and nothing will trump efficient movement.

Stay Strong ,