Athlete Spotlight: March

Jess Love

Jess started with us in June of 2017 and was at first looking to just, “give CrossFit a try.” She is a hockey player and had knee surgery the previous fall and was finally cleared to get back to working out.  Her boyfriend Dylan was doing CrossFit at CF Earned in Merrimack, but her good friend Zoey had just started at CFAF so she figured she’d try us out. After her first class I asked her what she thought and if she was interested in starting up with us and I remember all she said was, “I loved it can I come back tomorrow?”

A lot has happened since Jess started with us, but the two biggest things I’ve noticed have been the strength she’s built back into her legs and specifically her right leg from her ACL surgery in 2016.  She no longer has any weight shifts when squatting or jumping, and her balance between right and left legs are pretty close to 100%.  The second thing has been how smart she is about pushing herself.  Don’t get me wrong, she works and she’s a beast but she’s very smart about it.  Most people in CF want to walk in and start kipping pull ups and going Rx in WOD’s out of the gate and end up getting hurt. Well though Jess has wanted that she’s worked strict gymnastics work to build the base for the kipping movements.  She does the optional work we put on the board to help prepare her for the more advanced movements, and she puts in the practice time.  Majority of the time we all want to do the big sexy moves in CF but when it comes to training and practice, we fall to the wayside. Not Jess.

Jess it’s been a pleasure having you here at CFAF and the coaches and I look forward to watching and assisting you on your fitness journey.  Read more below and get to know Jess a little better!

Q – How long have you been doing CrossFit? 

A – 9 months

Q – What’s your favorite move and/or WOD? 

A – I love Deadlifts

Q – What’s your least favorite move and/or WOD?

A – Burpees, not as much as I used to but I still don’t like them

Q – What’s one piece of advice you would give someone wanting to start CF but is nervous? 

A – Try it out one time and if you don’t like it then maybe it’s not for you.

Q – Favorite Movie? 

A – The Lion King (no hesitation in this response whatsoever)

Q – Favorite “cheat” food? 

A – Chocolate Chip Cookies (actually all the cookies)

Q – If you could have one super power what would it be and why? 

A – To be able to Fly, because traffic sucks!

Q – What’s your #1 goal here at CFAF? 

A – To maintain my new healthy lifestyle.  There’s a big difference in just ‘going to the gym’ and going and having fun, eating right, and getting results.