May Athlete Spotlight: 

Tucker Davis

   I remember when Tucker dropped in to the Bedford location to ask about CrossFit and signing up for our Elements program. He was quiet and pretty direct with his questions. We discussed what he currently was doing for a workout routine and the only thing I remember him saying was, “I do Tough Mudders.” I thought to myself, “here we go.” Naturally I was expecting some flack from him about CrossFit and the benefits it could have on obstacle racing, but he just nodded and agreed. 

He joined our Elements course in October 2013, our first year open and our 2nd or 3rd Elements course ever. I can’t think of many other athletes that have began doing CrossFit who have been as smart about their approach and progression within CF. Tucker started doing banded strict pull ups, like majority of athletes who start here. He started with scaled weights for all barbell movements, Kbs, and even Wall Balls. Did he need to, in all honesty probably not because he was/is very gifted athletically, but he wanted to become proficient in the movement before raising the intensity (Somewhere Coach Glassman is wiping tears from his eyes).

     Fast forward a few months and Tucker began doing kipping pull ups and more advanced gymnastics moves as well as pushing more weight around. In my mind I feel like he got kipping pull ups and then the next day he got a strict muscle up.  Maybe it didn’t happen that quick, but it wasn’t too far off.

     Now it’s Spring 2018, almost 5 years of CrossFit for Mr. Davis here at CFAF. He has established himself as the top competitive athlete in our gym and there’s a fair amount of space between him and the next. He’s easily owned the top spot in the box during the Open and has finished as high as top 600 two years ago. We’ve been fortunate to see him become a husband to his beautiful wife Jill back in 2016 and most recently the birth of his daughter Taylor this May! 

Tucker, it’s been a pleasure having you here at CFAF for all these years. It was always fun competing with you (even that time you did all the work and I died in the 2nd workout), and chasing you in workouts thereafter.  Now there is a serious gap between our fitness levels but I’m happy to see you’re still pushing forward. 

Here’s some more information about Tucker: 

Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit? 

A: 4.5 years, October 2013

Q: What’s your favorite move and/or WOD? 

A: The Snatch…, and “Amanda” 

Q: What’s your least favorite move and/or WOD? 

A. The Deadlift and “Jerry” 

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give someone wanting to start CrossFit?

A: Everyone starts in their own place, where you go from there is up to you. 

Q: Favorite Movie/TV show? 

A: “Gladiator” 

Q: Favorite “cheat meal”? 

A: Mac N Cheese, no preference

Q: If you could have one super power what would it be and why? 

A: Be able to Fly – turns the 2-dimensional plane we live in into 3-dimensional. 

Q: What’s your #1 goal here at CFAF?
A: Stay healthy and fit so as my kids grow up I can keep up with them.