Good Afternoon Everyone,

It’s a beautiful snowy/rainy spring day here at CFAF and we have some fun planned for you in the box today! In the meantime I wanted to address our very first “Suggestion Box” note that was left sometime over the last week!

Note: “Let’s figure out shoes and cubbies.  A lot of stuff hasn’t moved in awhile. Shoes should just be on the rack and maybe people don’t need to have a full cubby.” 

This is a great point and suggestion.  Here’s my thoughts:

  1. Lingering Shoes: I’ll post on FB that we’re doing a shoe rack/cubby cleaning over the next week.  Everyone can grab their gear and put them in their cars for the day. Whatever is left over we can recycle to Goodwill if not claimed by “X” date.
  2. Full Cubbies: I agree we don’t need to have 1-cubby all to ourselves as we don’t have enough cubbies for our whole member base.  I can set up a spot in my office for the coaches to leave their stuff which will open a few spots. Also, we can have members that don’t want to lug all of their stuff to and from the gym daily leave stuff in a cubby but push it towards the back so there is space for others to use the cubby.  We are a close community and I don’t feel as though stuff is in danger of being taken from one another (hasn’t yet to my knowledge). This will open up the cubbies more for people and keep the majority of gear in the “lounge” frequently used instead of collecting dust.


Hopefully this works for everyone and of course if not feel free to let myself or the staff know – or add a note/suggestion to the “Suggestion Box” for us to address.