Good Afternoon Everyone!

Hope you’re all recovering well from a strong week of training.  I wanted to address, bring up, clear up, announce, and all the other things happening in the next few weeks at CFAF and figured this would be the best place to get it all out.  I’m sure questions will follow so please don’t hesitate to email, FB Message, or ask in class with any concerns or excitement you may be having!  So here it is, the GOOD and the NOT AS FUN news….

Not As Fun News First

  • Coaching Update:
  1. Coach Sue will be taking some time away from coaching classes at CFAF.  She won’t be leaving the gym, just taking a much needed and deserved break from coaching.  I’m sure many of you in the 630pm classes that have had Sue are thinking, “WHYYYYYYYY? THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!!” Have no fear, as much as not having Sue in class to coach doesn’t mean she isn’t around to chat with and occasionally ask questions too.  We all have outside (the gym) lives however exciting or not we think they might be.  Like all of you, so doesn’t Sue and with her work load increasing, coaching, getting in her workouts, AND giving Howie some attention…sanity starts to wear out (not that Sue was all that ‘sane to begin with).  She has left the door open to return in the future with time allowing. Again, Sue will be around the box and may occasionally fill in for a class if we’re in a bind.  With all that being said, words cannot express the amount of thanks and gratitude I have for Sue.  She started, and continues to be, one of my longest tenured athletes.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing her grow as a person and as an athlete, improving her fitness and wellness tremendously since we met back in 2012.  And though “she’s not going to complain” she’s always been a dedicated and hard worker with whatever workouts I give her (yea, even the ones with Wall Balls).  Sue, it’s been a pleasure and we all hope to see you at the front of the class with a PVC pipe in hand yelling at everyone sometime in the future.
  2. With Sue taking a break from coaching we are upping our search for one to two more coaches to join the team.  I had an interview with a young man last Friday that seems eager to start up and who just received his CFL1 recently.  If we can make the schedule work you’ll see him shadowing classes for a few weeks before we give him the control of a class. I’ll keep you posted if and when we move forward with this.
  • Schedule Changes: Starting next week (1/29 – 2/3) there will be one slight change to our schedule. We are removing Thursdays 4:30pm class from the schedule.  At the moment we don’t have coverage for it, at least consistently.  Adam will be coaching Thursdays 5:30pm & 6:30pm classes and if he’s able to arrive early enough will open the box for Open Gym prior to those classes.  Over the next few weeks he’ll update people on FB if he’s going to do so.  I was weighing on the idea of removing the MWF 12Noon class, but over the last two weeks we’ve seen an up-tick in attendance so we’re going to keep in on the schedule and reevaluate down the road.


  • The Open Begins: The last few day to a week you’ve heard myself and the coaches refer to “The Open” a few times.  The Open is the beginning stage of the CrossFit Games season. “But, Mat, ummm, I can’t even do a pull up!” That’s Ok, heres how it works at CFAF:
    • The Open workouts are announced every Thursday night at 8pm EST on the CrossFit Games website (I go to YouTube as it streams much better) starting February 22nd.
    • Every Friday evening we run a “Friday Night Lights” event from 430pm to 7/730pm for people to complete the Open WOD for the week.  You can do this whether you register (and pay $20 to CrossFit) for the Open or if you’re just doing the workout as your Friday WOD.
    • The difference is we will have heat times for people to sign up for.  We won’t be able to release those times until after the announcement of the workout is released because we won’t know how much time to allow for.  Depending on the workout, we set heat times and # of athletes per heat based on equipment.
    • “What if I can’t do the evening?” – not a problem.  All our normal AM classes will run at the usual times and we program the Open WOD for those classes as well. If you can’t come in anytime on a Friday and you want to do the workout, you can ask a coach if they’ll be available to help for you and judge on Saturday (or Monday, but we will have regular schedule Monday so let the coaches know in advance if you plan to do the workout and if we will have space).
    • “So are there still classes on Fridays?” – No, no set classes for the five weeks of the Open.  Everyone are encouraged to still come in as these nights get loud and some pretty spectacular stuff happens every year from first pull ups or muscle ups to PR lifts and so on. Lots of fun and comrarderie! We will post the heat times as soon as we’re able on Thursday evening (may be later than 830 as I have class on most Thursday’s but it will be up at some point).
    • Again, these are fun events here at CFAF and a great way to test yourself annually.  If you do decide to sign up on the games website make sure to add yourself to the CrossFit Ad Finem team. We will have all the WOD’s posted in Triib and will run weekly box Leaderboards on Triib for each workout.
  • The 3rd Annual Blizzard Beatdown (CFAF In House Comp): Sat. Feb 17th 9am to Noon/1pm. 
    • This is the 3rd year running our Winter In House Comp.
    • It’s open to ALL CFAF members as we set the WOD’s to be manageable for all levels (if you have any injuries or limitations see a coach prior to signing up to see if this is something you should do).
    • Cost = $15 for Team T-Shirts & registration Opens TODAY – FRIDAY 1/26!!! We’ll shoot to get all interested athletes signed up by Friday – 2/2 to receive shirts. You can bring cash or check to me at the gym anytime from now until then.
    • The teams are put together and picked by the coaches who will serve as the team Captains.
    • This, more than anything, is about having fun and community.  Yes we all want to win, and maybe even more so everyone wants to beat my team.  However that is all secondary to community and fun. The WOD’s will be challenging yet doable for each athlete. We generally break the workouts down into three levels and the coaches discuss where they think each athlete should go as well as discuss with their team what they feel most comfortable/confident in doing.
    • You won’t want to miss this as it always brings some laughs, lots of shit talking, and tons of fun for our CFAF family.
    • Also, feel free to invite friends and family to come and watch if you’d like!
  • Other Ideas in the Works: 
    • Kids Class: Working on a possible spring/summer time to add this 2-3 days a week for a 30-45 window. Still have lots to do before opening this up with schedules, training on kids coaching, etc. but as soon as we are ready to launch we’ll let you know!  This is something Lauren and I have talked about since we opened and before we had our army of children.
    • “Fit On the GO”: I had the pleasure of having a 45min phone conversation with CrossFit Games Champion (2008) and NorCal CrossFit (as well as about 15 satellite affiliates) owner Jason Khalipa a few weeks back.  We discussed many different things about our businesses, good and bad, and how to improve in various areas.  One of the many ideas we talked about was a 30min “Express-Fit” class.  This would be similar to a CrossFit Lite class where there are no barbell movements (Powerlifts, Olympic Lifts, etc..) and more focused around bodyweight movements, ‘cardio’ exercises, with KB’s, med balls, and other light to non-weighted objects. It would run similar to our standard group classes however a very condensed version.  We’d still have a warm up and mobility and WOD just not to the volume or weight/strength intensity as our standard group classes. Similar to the Kids Class we are going to review the schedule and look to add it in hopefully in the next few months.  Stay tuned!


I believe that is all the news for now but if anything comes to mind I’ll make sure to let everyone know.  Keep up the great training and those in the Nutrition Challenge you have less than a week left.  Hopefully you all won’t forget the hard work you’ve put in the last few weeks and go back to your old ways of eating and so on. The results are showing in the gym, and from many of you it sounds like the results are showing in how your feeling and on the dreaded scale. Keep kicking ass and don’t settle for easy or mediocre, you deserve better.