Good Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone are doing well this gloomy Tuesday morning.  Keep in mind it’s just weather it doesn’t dictate your attitude, at least it shouldn’t. Back to this post! There are a couple of things I wanted to address and announce to the community so here it goes!

  1. As you awoke this morning you may have seen my social media post with the Merrimack Fire Dept. helmet and uniform.  Some of you know about this but I’m sure many do not but I have begun working on their On-Call division on Monday evenings.  This is a dream of mine since I was a kid and witnessed my own house catch fire while living in Auburn, NH.  I’ll never forget watching our home pouring black smoke from the windows and sunroom and the Auburn Fire Dept. heading into the house and thinking, “I want to do that.”  The process began about 7 years ago and I got away from that dream with the opening of the gym.  Well it’s back in the mix and I couldn’t be more excited. So, the big question – What does this mean for the gym? No big changes minus you won’t see me in the evenings for now on Monday nights.  Once Fire school starts you’ll see less of me on Tuesday & Thursday evenings. The gym will stay open or be affected by this change, if anything it’ll see big improvements.
  2. Our next New You Challenge begins the first week of August.  The “interviews” and ads will begin in the next week or so. As always, if you have friends or family interested in joining have them get in touch with me ASAP as I’d much rather bring on a referral from you all then a completely new person. Sooner the better with this guys.
  3. We had a coaches meeting a week ago and a lot of great topics were discussed. Many of you have brought up wanting to work on skills more, but still wanting to have plenty of strength and WOD’s in.  An hour isn’t enough time to do it all each day so what we’re going to start working on is our Movement Clinics which will focus specifically on certain movements and progressions.  Once we have this laid out we’ll post sign ups and cost for each class or a package of classes.  There will be a set amount of attendees allowed, but again we will have all the information for you late summer/early fall.
  4. This is our last month with Coach Keith which is a bitter/sweet situation.  I am very excited for Keith and Ang, as well as his business partner Aaron on opening up Rockingham CF in Londonderry.  However, when one door closes another opens and with the opening will come two new coaches here at CFAF.  Beginning of August our own Kelly Parker will be getting her CF-L1 and taking on classes after some shadowing.  Also, some of you have already met Adam Stankard who has done some shadowing already here.  Having Adam and Kelly will open up more opportunities for not only class times, class coverage, but also clinics and so on.

CFAF is on a hot streak right now and we don’t have any plans on slowing down.  Keep putting the work folks and trust the process.