Good Afternoon Athletes!

So we are juuuuuuuust about half way through 2016 and so far it’s been quite a year! We have so many new faces in the gym, and unfortunately have had to say bye-bye to some familiar ones too.  For many of us 2016 started off with a BANG jumping right into our nutrition challenge which yielded some amazing results for all those that stuck through it for 45 days.  Before, during, and right after the challenge we all had some great goals we were working towards and were feeling very confident that we would achieve them.  I know for myself, I have made some progress but not the kind I would have hoped for in 6 months.  How about you?


Do you feel like you’re still on the right path to achieving your 2016 health and fitness goals?

Are you still tracking your food and logging all workout results?

Still taking Fish Oil?

20min of mobility a day?

I’m guessing many of you answered “NO” to one of these questions.  It happens to us all, and we all have our excuses.  Some of them are valid, but most are not.  Lets be honest here, we all have fallen victim to the lazy or ‘comfortable’ demons here or there and it has probably been the reason we’re still in the same position we were back on January 1st.  So what do we do? Do we accept it and come up with more excuses to not get into the gym? Do we just say, “Well it’s summer and it’s harder to eat healthy at BBQ’s because no else does.”? Are we going to allow others dictate our health or let the fact that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve results, push us away from even trying?

I know I’m not giving up.  I know my wife isn’t giving up.  We are restructuring our food, our time, and our priorities to improve our health and fitness, not just for us, but for the two big head turkeys we have to run around after.  We want them to see the importance from a young age so it’s easier for them as they get older.  We are going to continue to be there to support each other, even when cookies are the only thing I/we want at that moment.

Wyatt and Owen, the not so little Cote boys!

Wyatt and Owen, the not so little Cote boys!

What’s your plan?

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t know. I don’t know who can be my support system or where to even start making changes.” Then message me or talk to me next time you’re in.  I’m not waiting until “after the holidays” to get in shape and get my food back to where it needs to be.  It starts now and there is no end date in sight.  You all pay premium cost to workout at CFAF.  Don’t make the 1 hour you’re here the only healthy hour of your day.  Ask myself or the coaches for help and guidance to get you back on track.  Many of you that participated in the Nutrition challenge still have PT Sessions that you haven’t used, maybe now is the time to cash in.

Again, what’s your plan?