The CrossFit Open 2017

Over the last few weeks many, if not all of you have heard myself and the other coaches talking about “The Open” and our Friday schedule change.  I know there has been some confusion on what it is, class times and heats, the workouts, and everything in between.  Hopefully this post will clear the air for you all.

What is the CrossFit Open?

The Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games competition season.  For a very, very select few this is the their roads to the Games this summer. For the rest of us this is a great way to gauge a few things:

  1. How are fitness has improved in the last year. For many that means have we improved on our weaknesses? Can we do Muscle Ups or HSPU? Have I/we learned to breathe while under tension and stress? Can I pace myself while pushing myself through a tough WOD?
  2. Has the programming at the box reached it’s goal of improving my fitness.  Basically, do I know what I’m doing and are you becoming more fit because of it.
  3. How do I stack up worldwide, in the Northeast Region, in the state of NH, in my age group, or even just in our box!  You can set up personal leaderboards however way you want to see where you stack up in almost any category or scenario (CF related) you can come up with.
  4. What will we have to work on for next year? What WOD’s will Dave Castro (Director of CrossFit Games) release that expose my weaknesses….?

For the next 5 – weeks at 8pm on Thursday night go to the CrossFit YouTube channel to see the Live announcements for each weeks Open WOD.  Here they will have Games level athletes perform the WOD on short notice immediately after announcing the WOD.  As soon as the WOD is announced and all the details are released I’ll post WOD times for the PM on Friday.

“Friday Night Lights”

Every Friday night we will host “Friday Night Lights” which basically instead of set class times at 430pm, 530pm, and 630pm we will have set heat times for the WOD to start.  Like I mentioned, as soon as I have all the details and can figure out logistics for set up and equipment I’ll post on FB (in the CFAF private group) heat times and available spots.  It’ll be a first come first serve basis so you’ll want to sign up ASAP if you are on a time restriction.  You can also let me know ahead of time when you can get to the gym by and when you have to leave by and I will add you to a spot first.

“Mat, what if I don’t sign up online for the Open? Can I still workout Friday afternoon?”

– YES! We encourage everyone to come in Friday afternoon to WOD and experience the energy the Open brings.  However the set up will be different.  Along with having to sign up for a heat time you will also have to warm up more on your own.  The coaches will be here and can help as long as we are not judging or working out, but we will have everything posted up for you to follow either way.

“Do I sign up for heats on Triib?” 

-NO! They won’t be posted on Triib, only on the private CFAF FB group.  If you’re not in there let me know and either Sue or I will add you.

“What if I can’t do the Rx or even the Scaled options for the Open WOD?” 

-If you didn’t register through for the Open ($20 fee) and you’re doing it strictly because it’s programmed here on Fridays then no biggie. We can scale or modify it like we do with all WOD’s. Now if you did register on the games website then do as much as you can as it’s listed, we will record that score for you to submit then if you want to continue the WOD with a different scale option just to get your sweat on by all means rock and roll.

“Can I bring my friend to try a class during the Friday night Open WOD’s?”

-No.  Let’s save drop ins for another day as this is not a traditional set up.  They can come and watch and check it out though.

So now what? 

Do things the way you normally would every day this week and next.  However, Thursday after say 830pm go on FB in the private CFAF group and look for my post that shows the heat times and available spots.  In the comments section right what heat time you want to do and I’ll add you name to that heat.  On Friday come in 30min before your heat time (or earlier) and get ready with the warm up and mobility, then at your heat time – kick some ass!

Hopefully this helps at the least explain what “Friday Night Lights” is as well as how the schedule will be set up.  If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask myself or the other coaches.