I first heard about CrossFit back in 2007 from a co-worker. I remember her saying, “this stuff is unreal, right up your alley Mat.” Naturally, I looked into it and was hooked. I didn’t know how to do Oly lifts and could barely do the gymnastics moves at all (no muscle up), so like most people I cherry picked and made up my own WOD’s. Fast forward 5 years and several unfulfilling personal training and sales jobs later, I decided it was time to buck up and get my Level 1. Here is where my love for CF really began.

After opening an affiliate with a friend and working there for a year, it was time to open up my own box with the help of my lovely wife Lauren. We saw how CrossFit can help others and we wanted to run with it to its fullest extent. In May, 2013 we opened the doors to CrossFit Ad Finem. We decided on “Ad Finem” because of its meaning, “until the very end”.

So many people around us want to become healthy and be confident within their lives, well here is the place to achieve that. I have trained 60+ year olds who could barely get out of their chairs to deadlifting double their body weight. I have seen people with Cerebral Palsy push past their “weaknesses” and nail multiple kipping pull ups and hammer some power cleans. That’s what CrossFit does – it gives the hopeless hope; and that’s what we are going to do here.