Every 2:00 complete a set of 3 Overhead Squats

*Build w/ each set or stay the same across

*Focus = getting comfortable with the movement and technique



2 x Overhead Squats

2 x C2B Pull Ups

4 x Overhead Squats

4 x C2B Pull Ups

6 x Overhead Squats

6 x C2B Pull Ups

*Keep adding 2 reps to each movement until the 8:00 time is up

*Score = Total Reps

*Comp = 115/80

*Rx = 95/65

*Scaled = 55/35 + Jumping C2B or Ring Rows

*Optional Midline Work*

Tabata format (:20 on/:10 off) 6 Rounds for each movement

*AbMat Sit Ups

*Banded Good Mornings

*Plated Russian Twists